A Little About Me…

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m Terri, and if you haven’t read my About Me page, here’s what you should know.

I’m currently studying Film, Radio, and TV & American Studies at Canterbury Christ Church University, and I will be starting my final year this coming September.

For the past year I have been studying abroad in America!  Yes, that crazy country that currently has a cartoon running for president.  Things really are as crazy at times as they seem over there, but it’s also a beautiful and amazing country that (fingers crossed) won’t be electing the crazy cartoon like man, but instead the ridiculously qualified woman to be their next commander in chief. #thefurtureisfemale

But yes, I have spent the past year living abroad, which you can read about here.  I have been home for just over a month, and I am still adjusting back to the British way of life.  Brexit happened, Barry Scott is gone, and I can’t find a plastic bag anywhere.

But what next?

I honestly have no idea!

Studying abroad allowed me to take classes on subjects I never imagined I’d be able to study.  I studied politics, gender studies, digital and online media, just to name a few, but I’m still figuring out how I can merge my degree and what I’ve learned in the past year together into something that looks like a career path.

Hopeful I will discover such a career path over the next year.  Even though I’m about to enter my fourth year of university, I feel like my journey is only just beginning…





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