4 Gifts For the Minimalist in Your Life

With only 9 days left until Christmas is finally upon us, last minute Christmas shopping is in full effect.

We all do it.  Every year you struggle with what to buy your loved ones, repeating gifts year after year, and you just don’t know what to gift them with anymore, so you put off and off, until finally you have no choice but to buy them a gift you have no idea if they will enjoy or find value in.

This year don’t make that mistake, instead gift your loved ones with presents that they will enjoy as well as adding value to their lives.


1. Yourself


This year, instead of purchasing gifts that you know your loved ones will never use, give them yourself this christmas, for free!

Now I don’t mean literally wrap yourself up and put yourself under the tree on christmas morning.

But I do mean dedicate a significant amount of your time, whether it be during this holiday season or within the next few months, plan a time where you and your loved ones can enjoy time with each other without distractions. 

JusteEnjoy each others company and time together.

This can be time taking a walk, playing a board game, or making a delicious meal together.



In keeping with gifting your loved ones with yourself this christmas, buy yourself and your loved ones tickets for an event they would enjoy.

This one doesn’t particularly require you to also attend the event, especially if you are not a fan of the event.  But if you are going to attend, it is necessary that you are purchasing tickets based purely on whether the person you are buying the tickets for will enjoy it, not whether you will enjoy it.

Whether you’re buying tickets for a speaking event, a film screening, a comedy show, or a concert with their favourite artist, they’re bound to love and appreciate it.

Buying tickets to an event rather than giving them a physical object opens up your loved ones to experiences and a chance to make memories that they will cherish more than any dvd or pair of shoes.



You may be thinking “how can giving my loved ones software be a thoughtful gift?” but it can be more thoughtful than you know.

Buying your loved ones a subscription to their favourite or most wished for software can enhance their life and is a gift you know they will use and add value to their lives.

There are many software subscriptions you can gift:

  • Spotify Membership
  • Netflix Membership
  • Audible Subscription
  • Final Cut Subscription
  • Photoshop Subscription
  • Many other Adobe Subscriptions

Software subscriptions don’t just have to be for creative purposes but can also be for entertainment.



Food can be a great and delicious gift to not only give, but to receive.

Everyone loves food, and there are endless types you can gift.

Chocolate, cheese, cake, biscuits, and pies are all great gifts to give at christmas, and taste even to your loved ones when homemade.

But don’t worry if you’re not handy in the kitchen, there are many stores that sell food hampers, sweet and savoury, intended as gifts this time of year.

Giving your loved ones food at christmas in place of useless items, provides them with gifts that aren’t wasteful, and more importantly is a gift they will truly enjoy.


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