Goals for 2017

I have never been one for new years resolutions, even if I have made them in the past, I have never stuck with them.

For me resolutions tend to be things such as losing weight, go on a diet, start a hobby, join a gym etc., things that can easily be forgotten.

This year instead of making resolutions to change myself, I will be setting goals to improve myself and my life.


Buy Second Hand For An Entire Year


As I mentioned in my post 4 Tips For Quitting Fast Fashion, in 2016 I quit fast fashion.  I quit my fast fashion job, and I cut down my fast fashion purchases.

But for 2017 I plan on buying strictly second hand.

With the exception of socks and underwear, all clothes I purchase in the new year will come from thrifting, second hand shops, eBay, or Depop.

By doing this I not only hope to eliminate my participation in the damaging fast fashion industry, but also cut down on the amount of clothes I purchase, while also living within my budget.

Live Within A Budget


This year I aim to live on £20 a week.

It doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but through meal planning, and cutting down my spending on other items, it is a goal that can be easily reached.

After paying rent and monthly bills, I will take out £20 every week in cash and spend only what’s in my purse.  By spending only in cash I can keep track of how much I’ve spent, what I have left to spent, and give myself a physical limit on my spending.

Make My Own


In the past I have grown my own basil, celery, and oregano.  While the basil and oregano are still producing more herbs than I can cook with, the celery’s life ended after just a couple of weeks.

But in 2017 I aim to try growing celery again, as well as tomatoes, avocados, and more!  There are many fruits and vegetables that can easily be regrown from the bits you usually cut off and throw away.

Growing your own food not only allows you to know and see exactly what is going into your meals, but it can lead to a healthier lifestyle, as well as a way of saving money.

As part of this goal I also plan on making my own clock, candles, and much more, encouraging me to learn how things are made, as well as how I can repair them myself, removing the need to spend money replacing items.

Grow My Blog


While I have only been posting regularly during the past month, I have already increased my following and views in just four weeks.

My final goal is to continue to grow this blog, finding my definitive voice, and expand it into my full time occupation for when I graduate in June.

I hope to within the next year expand it into more than just a hobby, but something I can call a career.

Setting Resolutions/Targets/Goals


Each one of these goals will help improve upon the life I am already living, rather than changing myself into something else.  They are not quick fixes, but are steps I can take everyday for the next 365 days that will improve my life more and more over the year.

That’s no to say resolutions are a bad thing, but just make sure you’re making them for the right reasons.  Make sure they are something you will be able to continue to do not just for a week or a month, but the whole year, and that in a years time those resolutions will have had a positive impact on your life.



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