The Push | Living Life Intentionally

  From minimalism to zero-waste, the 'less is more' trend has become a sustainable lifestyle for many over the past few years, especially among millennials. It wasn't a lifestyle I had heard about until I moved to America, but it was one that after just a few weeks in the States, I was in desperate … Continue reading The Push | Living Life Intentionally


Hillary Rodham Clinton: The lesser of Two Evils, or America’s Only Hope

Regardless of whether Clinton is running against Trump or any other Republican candidate, no matter what, she is and always will be the most qualified person in the room.

4 feminist podcasts you should be listening to

From Serial to The Nerdist, podcasts have never been more popular, or more influential.  Just this summer through the help of evidence uncovered by Rabia Chaudry's 'Undisclosed: The State vs Adnan Syed,' Syed was granted a new trial to help clear his name in the 1999 murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. But Chaudry … Continue reading 4 feminist podcasts you should be listening to

The cancellation of ‘the nightly show’ and the continued “unblackening” of television

Television networks placing token minorities in amongst their seas of the familiar white ensembles to create the illusion that they are "diverse" is nothing new. We see it time and time again - Raj in The Big Bang Theory, Gloria in Modern Family, and Winston in New Girl. When Larry Wilmore departed from The Daily Show after nine years, the news … Continue reading The cancellation of ‘the nightly show’ and the continued “unblackening” of television

Life After Studying Abroad

Since being back I have had to readjust to life, not only back in the Uk, but at home as well. Living the other side of the world gives you a new sense of Independence that just going away to university isn't able to. If there is a crisis, if you're short of money, or ill, you no longer have … Continue reading Life After Studying Abroad

A Little About Me…

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm Terri, and if you haven't read my About Me page, here's what you should know. I'm currently studying Film, Radio, and TV & American Studies at Canterbury Christ Church University, and I will be starting my final year this coming September. For the past year I have been studying … Continue reading A Little About Me…