4 Gifts For the Minimalist in Your Life

With only 9 days left until Christmas is finally upon us, last minute Christmas shopping is in full effect. We all do it.  Every year you struggle with what to buy your loved ones, repeating gifts year after year, and you just don't know what to gift them with anymore, so you put off and … Continue reading 4 Gifts For the Minimalist in Your Life


4 Tips For Quitting Fast Fashion

For the past nine years I have worked part-time in retail.  More specifically fast fashion. Until this week.  This week I quit my fast fashion job, and as of this Sunday I will (hope to) never work in retail again. I should say now that it was not the specific retailer that I was working … Continue reading 4 Tips For Quitting Fast Fashion

The Push | Living Life Intentionally

  From minimalism to zero-waste, the 'less is more' trend has become a sustainable lifestyle for many over the past few years, especially among millennials. It wasn't a lifestyle I had heard about until I moved to America, but it was one that after just a few weeks in the States, I was in desperate … Continue reading The Push | Living Life Intentionally